Sustainability POLICY

At Powderkeg we aim to only have a positive impact on the world around us. From the ingredients and consumables we use, to our methods of production, the beers we make and the way we interact with people. We aren’t perfect but we are certainly striving to get to a place where the only by-product of our production is the good feeling you get when you drink exceptional beer.

There’s no compromise on the quality of ingredients we use. The hops that make our beer so flavourful come from all over the world, but through equipment such as our hop centrifuge and using pelletised hops we extract the maximum amount of flavour from the hops we use.

We make conscious decisions in the way we run our business so that it as ethical as possible. We have learned that the sustainability journey is one of many small steps. The key is to keep improving bit by bit.

✓ Our policy is to limit energy and water usage to what is strictly necessary

✓ Our brewing heating and cooling system operates at 85% efficiency, which is extremely high

✓ Our spent grain from the brews goes to farmers for feeding livestock and composting

✓ All other waste is collected by Devon Contract Waste, which is Zero to Landfill

✓ The majority of our beer is sold in Devon, minimising energy use for transportation

✓ All can labels are Forest Film, a bio-plastic.

✓ Our company T-shirts are all made from organic cotton and hand printed to order using water-based vegan inks

✓ We minimise plastic use, re-using supposedly ‘single-use’ items like keg caps

✓ Online sales are sent in recyclable packaging

✓ We repurpose cardboard boxes that we receive for our own deliveries

✓ We have switched to a paper-free office delivery and invoicing system

✓ We built our office ourselves using reclaimed timber and carpet tiles

✓ Our staff are paid a living wage and offered flexible working where possible

✓ We choose local and ethical sources and suppliers


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